What is FOUR?

FOUR is a new magazine about uncompromised creativity and passion, based in Charlotte, NC. All too often, creatives get locked into their nine-to-fives, and FOUR will be an outlet for us to express ourselves in the form of a collectable printed publication.

Who is FOUR?

FOUR is the brainchild of a storyteller and a designer, both seeking an authentic creative outlet. FOUR is a completely independent project, something we make on our own time, to our own standards, and about topics that we truly love.

Who else is FOUR?

FOUR is also a bunch of talented artists, writers, foodies, stylists, and photographers—too many to list here. You’re just going to have to trust us: Their stuff is really good.

Where is FOUR?

FOUR is available in select art galleries, fashion and décor boutiques, and independent shoppes throughout the Greater Charlotte area. We hope to keep FOUR free in stores, but copies do go fast, so a limited number are available for purchase right here. 

When is FOUR?

FOUR comes out four times a year, once per season.


We named the magazine to reflect a collaborative fusion of provocative and unapologetic design, fashion, art, and culture, and we hope we can provide an unleashing from the status quo, if only four times a year.

To learn how you can contribute, visit our website: fourmagazine.tv.

We support local and small businesses. If you're interested in advertising in our keepsake publication, email us at advertising@fourmagazine.tv